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Sunday, July 17, 2005

so much to say, so many good reasons not to. i wish i could talk about all the craziness that is my life lately. the stories i'd have for you all! sheesh.

anyway, dad's corn is growing. it was well over knee high by the 4th of july, but it looked like it might stay just that high, or get shorter and deader, unless we got some rain. from may thru til about a week ago, we had about half an inch of rain. since then, we've had a couple few inches, and the corn is going apeshit now. should be a good crop. not that i know dickdiddle about corn.

4th: well past knee high...but dry

my corn experience is limited to selling sweet corn on the side of the road as a kid. seth and i sold corn together one year; he'd always be at my house in the morning to pick the corn before i was even out of bed. if it had rained the night before, we'd end up soaking wet and 3" taller, from the rain on the stalks and the mud caked on our shoes. if it was calm and warm, you could see steam rolling off of your hands and clothes. ah, what times. my first entrepreneurial gig.

speaking of entrepreneurial gigs, my mobile detailing business is finally getting started. that's been a real time-sucker so far. between buying an enclosed trailer, water system, power washer, buffer, waxer, air compressor, cleaning chemicals, and all kinds of other odds & ends, and all the researching, organizing, planning, building shelves, and putting ten pounds of shit in a five pound box, i've been busier than a cat covering shit and even poorer than such. it takes money to make money, but damn, i need to get this thing rolling--literally. the money can't come soon enough.

Bug the Goat's Tip o' the Day:

Bug: "Don't let your meat loaf"