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Monday, March 14, 2005

Chris Ledoux Dies from Liver Cancer (CNN)

if ya didn't know, Chris Ledoux passed away from liver cancer on march 9th. if you didn't know who he was, you probably don't care, but you probably have heard some of his songs.

garth brooks made him big when he mentioned his name in "Much Too Young (to Feel this Damn Old)" and from then on, he was big--at least, big enough to be noticed by a country music fan. kimmyshea was the one who got me hooked on Chris Ledoux--she basically had a huge crush on him cuz he was a real cowboy and a champion bareback rider and all that stuff. i blew it off as another one of kimmy's little crushes but after listening to his greates hits, i was hooked. that was back in...2001? since then i've listened to his stuff a million times. i think i ended up liking him even more than kimmyshea, much to her chagrin, no doubt. i can't get enough of his duet "Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy" with garth brooks. i could, and do, listen to that song over and over and over...

the creepy thing about this is, he died last wednesday. and what CD did i just happen to put in the car CD player on wednesday? CHRIS LEDOUX'S GREATEST HITS!!! i didn't even know he died until friday.



so anyway...

what's new? the job is going well, even though the stress level is at about 119%. and i'm almost moved out of the liverpool apartment--maybe one more weekend and i'll have it kicked. it's gonna feel weird not having a syracuse address anymore as of march 27th! that will be the first time since june of 2002. that's a long damn time--or at least it feels that way.

it's a great feeling knowing that i can fit almost everything i own into three rooms in the same house. for the last 9 years, i've had my shit spread out all over new york state, but now i've pared it down, thrown stuff away, taken stuff to the salvation army, and organized & put away what's left. of course, by the time i get everything else home, it will be time to move again--cuz i ain't living at home forever.

it's been a hard day's blarf.

it's been a bitch to blog lately with all this shuffling around and the new job and stuff. right now i'm blarfing at the family store (which luckily has high speed access) at a desk covered with feed orders, random hardware, cryptic post-it notes with stuff like ORDER JERKY TREATS PIG SNOUTS 066-05397", and a poop-ton of mill dust. who knows when i'll get my computer back online. at least my computer is safe for the time being--for some reason my firewall is firef*cked. my hard drive has its virtual pants down for all the web to see--when it's actually plugged into the internet.


14.5 blarf points to whomever figures out what the hell "courage" comes from--post it in da comments.